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Please review the whole of this page, and then complete our Application Form.  As part of the application process, you will be required to complete the Application Form and send it to along with your Pitch Deck and any other materials you would like us to consider.   The more material you provide, the better informed we will be in deciding whether to invite you to pitch.

Can you confirm that you have reviewed the "Basic Investment Criteria" section below?   Are you able to answer "YES" to each of the four questions?  If so, please go ahead and download the DAI application form by clicking the button below:


You should not apply for funding from Dubai Angel Investors unless you can answer yes to all of the following questions:


  • Are you a client or consumer facing business that is in the technology space?

  • Do you have a minimum viable product or prototype with proof of concept?

  • Do you have initial traction with active paying or non-paying users?

  • Do you have more than one full time team member?

  • Is your business active in the MENA region?


1. Elevator Pitch

  • A quick one-liner summary that combines your vision/product and the mission of your company

2. Momentum, Traction, Expertise

  • Timeline and milestones to date

  • Growth metrics

  • Highlight existing press, partnerships, awards

  • Success stories and/or testimonials

3. Market Opportunity: Market size & customer base

  • Market: What business/space you are in?

  • Total Market Size: Dollar Size, Your Place/Niche

  • Customers: Clearly define exactly who you serve

  • Macro Trends & Insights

4. Problem & Current Solutions: What need do you fill? Other solutions

  • Define the real problem/need you’re solving, and for who.

  • Who else is already doing this, and how are they going about it and what are they not getting right or doing wrong?

5. Product or Service: Your solution

  • Tell the story of your customer and how customers use/value your product or service

  • Show product images - URL - ios - Andoid links

6. Business Model: Key Revenue Streams

  • Who is your primary customer & how do you make money

  • What is the pricing / model

  • Revenue and # of customers to date

  • Show basic math on revenues and conversion rates

  • Life-time value of an average Customer (How many months, how many dollars?)

7. Market Approach & Strategy: How you grow your business

  • Where are your customers looking today and finding help?

  • Where will you get in front of them?

  • How will you achieve your target growth rates?

  • What are the most important and unique channels and methods you will use to find and win customers?

  • How are you doing it differently than others in the space?

8. Team & Key Stakeholders (Investors, Advisors)

  • Highlight key team members and their prior positions, successes, domain expertise

  • Demonstrate relevant experience

  • Which roles are the keys to success in your company/space?

9. Financials

  • Include 3-5 years of financial projections

  • Mention key & critical assumptions in your model of expenses, customer conversion, market penetration %

  • Highlight each of these Yearly for at least 3 years:

    • Total Customers

    • Total Revenue

    • Total Expense

    • EBITDA

10. Competition

  • Where do you exist in the larger overall Market Space?

  • What are your Advantages?

  • How is your place in the market unique to you, and the right one for your company growth and customers?

  • Who are the competitors, why have they succeeded, and how do you truly differentiate from them?

11. Investment: Your ‘Ask’ for funding, Basic use of funds 

  • State how much Capital you are raising, and with what general Terms: Equity, Debt, Convertible Note

  • What is the timing of your Capital raise?

  • Who are your existing & notable investors, if any?

  • What are your key Use of Proceeds (as % of total raise)

    • Founder salaries

    • Sales & Marketing

    • New hires

    • Technology / Product or Service development

    • Capital expenses / equipment

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