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What we look for ?


Sector Focus

We are pretty sector agnostic. As long as you are engaging with your customers via proprietary technology and you have a capital-efficient vision to scale the business, we will consider investing in your company.


We meet with several candidate companies every year, but only select a handful to invest in. If you have a business which satisfies our criteria, schedule a meeting and let us know all about it.

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Geographical Focus

We are very interested in companies originating in Dubai and elsewhere in the Middle East as we like to invest in companies where we can add value through our network and experience.


However, one fifth of our capital is allocated for investment in companies outside the region. Companies from outside the Middle East should be able to demonstrate some synergy or opportunity within our region.

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Human Focus

At this stage of investing, we have learned that the quality of the team plays a significant role in our decision whether to invest or take a pass.


We look for founders and teams who are dynamic, focused and passionate about their vision and product.  Above all, we want to know how you work together as a team and whether you have the kind of attitude that makes for success.

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Stage & Valuation

We invest in early-stage companies with a minimum viable product and evidence of client / customer traction and some revenue.


We are generally looking to invest in seed or Series A rounds.  We will invest in straight equity or in convertible notes.  We look to the founders of applicant companies to tell us how they value the business today and what will drive its valuation as it grows.   We are very unlikely to invest if the founders are unable to present a defensible valuation.

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